Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Recycled Tyre

You know that bald tyre that would just go to waste? You can create an ecological puff with it!
This is a step by step image to show you how to DIY.

Tips: This is easier done by two people, one applies adhesive while the other one places the sisal, for a better uniform look. Be generous in applying the sealer, at least two coats are necessary, so the puff is more comfortable and the sisal won't feel as rough.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Public Domain Profits

In case you are not familiar with the Public Domain, let me tell you that it consists of books, articles, films, graphics, music - it goes on and on. In this book, we learn how to legally profit from the hard work of other people :

  • What is the Public Domain ?
  • Can I Really Profit ?
  • How Do I make An Ebook ?
  • How Do I make A Cover ?
  • How To Sell Public Domain Products ?

In this ebook you will learn also :

  • Where Can I Find Public Domain Products ? (Articles, Music, Photographs, Films,Images, Books, Paintings,...)
  • Where Can I Find Free Software To Produce My Ebook And Ecover ?
Another ebook that can interest you in relation to Public Domain Profits :

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Living Off The Grid

Living “off-grid” is fast becoming a very popular
option to those people wishing to lessen their
carbon footprint, affirm their independence and
stay away from the reliance to fossil fuels.
Having this kind of lifestyle should be a very
helpful idea if you want to cut off your monthly
bill and at the same time to show your concern to
the environment.

In this book, you will learn about:
  •  What Is Living Off The Grid?
  •  Advantages of Living off the Grid
  •  Is It Practical To Live Off The Grid?
  •  What Do You Need To Live Off The Grid?
  •  many other useful things!

  •   you can share this ebook and give it away.
  •   you can NOT sell this ebook !
Another ebook that can interest you :

Home Made Wind Generator


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Greeners Home For You

Great tips on buying, designing and building an eco-friendly home! 
Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Living Green!

A lot of people want to live in an eco friendly
house; you probably are one of them too right?
Why? Well, this simple consideration is enough to
help the earth because they want to embark recycling
efforts for a much essential cause of being able
to live in great harmony with the environment –
eco living.
  •   you can share this ebook and give it away.
  •   you can NOT sell this ebook !


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 10 Smoothies

Click HERE to see the recipes.

The Bare Naked Truth About Making Money From Your Kitchen Table In Your Pajamas (ebook with video)

You may have heard the story, passed around in forums and chat rooms, of an easy-going pajama-clad individual who made a fortune from his kitchen table – with nothing more than an old laptop computer. Is it a true story or just another Internet myth? Unfortunately, for 95% of all would-be online entrepreneurs this has been an elusive dream that is forever out of reach. In this report and the accompanying video, I'm going to show you why they keep failing ... and how you can be one of the 5% who succeeds.
Kevin Riley Publishing

Making Money Online Ain't Rocket Science

A beginner's guide to a simple strategy anyone can use to generate a great income from home using the Internet. Get your copy FREE today!

Kevin Riley Publishing - Japan
Kevin Riley Publishing is a home-based publisher of how-to guides, manuals, and home study courses. We create physical books, electronic books, video tutorials, CD-ROM study courses, and online workshops to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed on the Internet. We teach Internet marketing, information product creation, and affiliate marketing techniques with very detailed, step-by-step teaching materials .
– all presented in a manner that makes them easy for even total beginners to follow.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Video : Prosperity

About this video 

This video discusses the subject of Prosperity, how we can increase our earning potential and how we can translate and apply that thinking to the era of the web.

About the publisher of this Video - Will Edwards - White Dove Books

Personal development resources including books, ebooks, MP3s and videos for personal growth and motivation. The internet's number one site for free personal development books.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Video : On My Way to $1 Million - Progress Report

About this Video

This course is a complete guide to starting your own online business and it is full of great ideas derived from my own personal experience actually doing this stuff. None of it is theory; it is all very practical. Every week, I give the students assignments to complete so, in a step by step manner, we get your business up and running.
Of course, because it is a Personal Mentoring course, I am responding to individual questions along the way and providing personal guidance too. If I do say so myself, there is no finer course for starting a successful online business to be found anywhere on the internet.

About the publisher of this Video eCourse - Will Edwards - White Dove Books

Personal development resources including books, ebooks, MP3s and videos for personal growth and motivation. The internet's number one site for free personal development books.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ultimate Affiliate Income

Create Unlimited Wealth From The Internet

This eBook gives you a great introduction to Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Social Media, Article Writing, Blogging, Mobile Marketing, YouTube, Paid Traffic, and more..

Monday, September 09, 2013

Sunday, September 08, 2013


If you have ever used a vapor rub for a cough then you have already tried aromatherapy - the use of plant oils in their most essential form to promote both mental and physical well being. 

This book will provide you with a good basic introduction to the subject and, if you are just beginning your journey into the world of aromatherapy, the kit listed inside is a great way to get started. It provides you with knowledge of the commonly used oils that are used in many potent recipes.

Low Carb Recipes

If you're interested in this book, odds are pretty good that you have made the decision to eat healthier and, most likely, to lose weight as well.

Scientific studies have shown that a low carbohydrate diet is one of the safest, fastest, and most effective ways to lose weight. 

7 Keys To Success

This book will challenge you to rethink your life and what is really important to you. It contains an important message - it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you were born to live.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Six Steps You Need to Follow to Guarantee The Success of Your Online Business

Start Your Own Successful Internet Business From Square One,
With a Proven A-Z Program for Making Money Online .

Beginners Guide To AdKreator

Create professional advertising graphics (banners, squeeze pages splash pages,...) without the need for a huge learning curve and extreme cost.
All of the templates and artistic designs found in Adkreator are works of art. Download your free copy now. (This file is 3.25 MB !)

7 Simple Ways To Make Money With Your Website Or Blog

Earn more money from your blog or website +
101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers

 The 7 Ways to make money with your website or blog in this book are :

  •  Recurring Affiliate Income
  •  Sell Ad Space
  •  Contextual Keyword Links
  •  Embed a Marketplace
  •  One Time Affiliate Income
  •  Google AdSense

One Signup A Day Strategy

You are about to discover a simple method that I used and am still using to get at least 1 signup a day for a business opportunity that I'm promoting.

Costumer Loyalty Handbook

What is Customer Loyalty and Why Is It Important To My (Online) Business?

You can learn about one time offers, ppc advertising, search engine optimization and a host of other 'sexy' topics, so why on earth would you care about building customer loyalty?

This is a topic that isn't talked about much in the internet business.
This ebook is about how you build loyal costumers for your (online) business.

Orange Secrets

This book has a few "online business secrets" in it :

  •  The Orange Secret About (List building)
  •  Don't Quit Your Day Job
  •  How to Curb Stomp your Competition .
  •  Getting Your Posts to Your Readers
  •  Squeezing the most out of Branding
  •  How to Harvest Subscribers
  •  How to Concentrate Your Efforts
  •  How to Squeeze the Juice out of your List .
  •  Getting Bushels of Blogs Talking About You
  •  A Bonus Tip for You

Free Traffic Report

Turn Your Clicks Into Cash !
  •  How to generate $20 per hour (and more) just surfing traffic exchanges?
  •  How to build a traffic machine that churns out traffic and cash even when you stop surfing?
  •  How to build massive downlines and get paid to do it?
  •  How to generate 300% returns on purchased traffic without surfing? And much, much more...

With 100% free Rebranding Rights :  rebrand this ebook with your own affiliate links and give it away on your blog, website,... 47 $ value !

The Pizza Plan 2

The 75 $ A Month Budget That Turned A Former Pizza Flipper Into A Successful Business Owner.

To make money you have to spend money. The facts are the people that actually invest time and money will see results.
How much money ? That will vary !This book is not a promise of instant income or guaranteed results.
It describes the story and the plan on how a former pizza store manager took 75 bucks a month , put it into a plan and budget, stuck with it and turn it into a thriving business.

Traffic Exchange Insider

Get An Inside Look In Traffic Exchanges like You Have Never Seen Before

Are Traffic Exchanges Working For You ?
The purpose of this book is to provide you with answers to some very important questions that get asked in the traffic exchange community.
A lot of times some questions that get asked are not really explained well enough and leave new users without a proper understanding.
In addition, you will also find information to help get you in the right mind set when using traffic exchanges.
Furthermore, you will also find some very useful resources to help you use traffic exchanges correctly and efficiently.
Please keep in mind, any reference to traffic exchanges or TEs, are referring to manual traffic exchanges.